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Provisional Software Patent No.70570339

INVENTION TITLE: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology software, Web3, Str.Domain ecosystem, creating a new web platform with different protocols than www, encrypted and decentralised.

The ecosystem on which Sourceless is based on will not permit the execution of any malware or computer viruses; based on blockchain characteristics proof, blockchain identity will not permit any type of bad intentions on the Internet and the digital identity will be white labeled by KYC and AML and will not permit identity theft, thus the information will be protected by blockchain and DLT, Peer-2-Peer in networking with 256-bit encryption from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

If web or www allows the existence and execution of malware, expensive hosting or too many resources are running without a purpose, the hosting will be distributed in the whole network, improving hosting armament and carbon reduction by almost 40%.

Revolutionary Technology.
Stable and Secure Internet with a Democratic Government.

Governance through the vote of the owners.

A Blockchain can be used in three different ways: private, public, consortium and hybrid.

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain is a mix of both worlds, both private and public Blockchain. This gives organizations better control over what they want to achieve, rather than changing their plans to limit technology.

With the help of SourceLess Blockchain, it becomes impossible to manipulate data or hack the system.

Opening the public Blockchain brings people from all over the world together, while the private Blockchain ensures that a closed ecosystem can thrive with Blockchain capabilities as well.

  • proof of property rights and transfers
  • self-performing contracts
  • social benefits management
  • document validation
  • patent protection
  • security and fees

Data Protection using SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

You can easily apply usage rights, with the certification given by the unique address, as well as the encryption from the enrollment of any data, having a double role, that of ensuring data protection, but also the possibility of remote verification or certification, in real time.

The security given by the Blockchain, both as data protection and the impossibility of counterfeiting or identity theft, the street name being subject to KYC and AML rules, give a perfect solution of cyber security.

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

This type of blockchain allows a combination of public and private blockchains and supports many customization options. These include allowing anyone to join the authorized network after properly verifying their identity and assigning selected and designated permissions to perform only certain network activities.

Sourceless Blockchain is built to give special permissions to each participant. This allows participants to perform specific functions, such as reading, accessing, and writing information on the blockchain.

Companies are increasingly opting for authorized hybrid blockchain networks, as this allows them to selectively place restrictions during network setup and control the activities of different participants in the desired roles.






Together in a Safer Environment

The hybrid network provides all the critical features of a public Blockchain, such as secure, transparent, immutable, and decentralised, but also restricts the ability to access, view, or change transactions in any way.

Also, not everyone can use the network, which ensures that confidential information does not leave the network. Thus, SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain promotes more security because it uses both features.

Sourceless Blockchain will introduce security and transparency of operations by helping companies reduce prices and automate various operations.

Distributed Ledger Technology

A distributed ledger is a consensus of replicated, shared, and synchronized digital data geographically spread across multiple sites, countries, or institutions. Unlike with a distributed database, there is no central administrator.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a digital system for recording the transaction of assets in which the transactions and their details are recorded in multiple places at the same time. Unlike traditional databases, distributed ledgers have no central data store or administration functionality.

In a distributed ledger (DL), each node processes and verifies each article, thus generating a record of each article and creating a consensus on its veracity. A distributed registry can be used to record static data, such as a registry, but also dynamic data, such as data transactions.

DLT eliminates the need for registry entities to rely on a trusted central authority that controls the registry or a third-party external provider to fulfill this role and act as a control against tampering.

SourceLess Web Services and Addressing

Considering the whole ecosystem, we believe that the best way to apply the services of the Blockchain but also of the DLT is to offer it as a public address, both in Web3, IOT, DLT (hosting and processing large databases), starting from address.

Remapping the Web, in the SourceLess Blockchain vision, the domain names type applied both as web, but as identifier in Blockchain, but also as personal or business spaces (as hosting this time) would offer enormous benefits, both by ownership of personal space or in the SourceLess Blockchain DLT database, as well as communication channels, which this time are not actually based on http, ftp, or other classic communication channels.

World Wide Blockchain

The New Web

The address mapping considered is in the form STR.Name, both for personal space (wallet and space) and for the business part, STR.Company, allowing 128 characters after STR.54 characters (numbers and letters), public address that will help a simple and clear identification for the use of all services and paths in the ecosystem.

Roles with limited or full rights can be distributed by the administrator at any time only by accepting and assigning to the wallet str.slave or str.user, but also customer rights, visitor type, the applicability can be given in any direction, the limits being imposed only by the AppLess administrator.

SourceLess Blockchain Team Meeting 2021

SourceLess STR Token Distribution

  • Team: Founder / Co-Founders + initial Dev. Team
  • Marketing & PR Campaign
  • Airdrop
  • Initial Hosting Services
  • Ccoin Network: holders, part of SourceLess Blockchain – financial dept
  • IEO+Sales
  • Blocked for Web: address property. Users can only sell.

SourceLess Blockchain, the best part of private and public blockchain solutions.