“At that time I had a lot of questions that showed me that things were not as simple and not verry well put together. I was part of an extensive team of people I worked with, all the way from brainstorming (ideas, questions, references) to coding. We were given some tasks and we were rewarded in Ethereum.” – Alexandru Stratulat

The Sourceless ecosystem founder Alexandru Stratulat promises (and has started proving) that the future of the Internet means an individualized but much more secure Web.

He has a particular vision for the architecture of blockchain systems, which he has been studying since their first signs of existence.

And it all started as a game, in his childhood. After entering the world of computing, Alexandru went on excelling in the world of systems and computing techniques.

The concept of decentralized digital currency intrigued Alex very early, as early as 2010-2011. Back then, Romania was still struggling to emerge from the turmoil of the recession, and online commerce was a concept accessed by less than 5% of Romanians.

In 2014, at the invitation of Mihai Alisie, Alex has advanced into that crypto-digital world. That’s when he attended the first Ethereum meeting in Romania, a year before its launch. Being involved, back then, in this innovative project for that time, he started to see the cracked or missing bricks in this ‘construction’.

“At that time I had a lot of questions that showed me that things were not as simple and not verry well put together. I was part of an extensive team of people I worked with, from brainstorming (ideas, questions, references) to coding. We were given some tasks and we were rewarded in Ethereum.”

The Ethereum experience was a building block for the construction that Alexandru Stratulat would perfect later. Knowing the blockchain area better and better, he started to see its drawbacks, its minuses, its “uncovered” aspects, understanding what needed to be “fixed”.

Alex Stratulat: “With the Ethereum experience, the idea of creating a blockchain for the community became a personal ambition for me.”

Needs such as:

  • a better security;

  • eliminating the possibility of being “hacked”;

  • creating one’s own identity on the internet, so that copying data is no longer possible (identity theft is impossible) ;

  • creating your own ecosystem;

  • zero fees and cut out the middlemen;

  • eliminate cyberbullying;

…were just some of the main points Alex has drawn since then.

We’ll talk about all of these issues and how Sourceless makes them achievable in a future material. 

“The concept behind Ethereum wasn’t flawed; it was done with the resources that existed at the time,” explains Alex. “With the Ethereum experience, creating a blockchain for the community became a personal ambition. What do we want to build? A new technology and the web made available to people. It is time to talk about the usefulness of the blockchain (not just for companies, who get their value directly from creating pools), and all the tools that follow: voting participants, decisions in that sense going to a DAO and all the benefits going directly to the people,” says Alex.

CCoin and the need for 0 cost and 100% security

The time has therefore come for internet interaction to become not only 100% secure, but also free and guaranteed. That’s how, in 2016, he came to create the architecture of the CCoin Network crypto-financial ecosystem.
The CCoin Network was created as a real solution to banking and cryptocurrency problems. Alex has had the opportunity to observe these phenomena first-hand at Ethereum: high fees, time taken to execute payments, low security and loss of value.

The system was designed to have multiple functions, where Cryptocurrency and FIAT within the CCoin Network Core software allow for near-instantaneous exchange without user interaction, based on AI and SourceLess Blockchain.
CCoin Network has started transitioning from Etheruem Blockchain to SourceLess Blockchain as of July 15, 2021. That’s after CCoin started the successful private sale of CCos (n.r. tokens, shares – proof of ownership and str.domain addresses – proof of ownership) in March 2020. We are talking about a total of 87% CCos sold, to a community of +30,000 members of the entire amount available for Pre-ICO.

Since 2021, the Sourceless story begins in Constanta, bringing a new technology. Sourceless uses Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections and Str.domain as an account identifier to connect every human and every existing Blockchain on a Web3 platform.

“All the needs we saw in Ethereum, plus the life experience, led to ‘that spark’: WHY and what could I change?”

“At this point I believe we would be the first to actually make that real promise: ownership of a piece of the Internet. We really need to (develop), to bring all the prototypes to functionality. We want to be the first to build and set an example for others to come and build in return. So we have a very important task: to prepare the ground for those who will follow us. Tim Berners-Lee started the internet as a free place for people. In fact that’s what it is, and that’s how it should stay. But along the way other things have come along that cost money: space to work in, people to work in, and people to survive. But essentially we are talking about functionality and value that people can create and that they should benefit from in a direct, fair, transparent way,” says Alex Stratulat.

Sourceless users today have many more facilities than ‘primary’ users of the Internet, so to speak. And these facilities are constantly being developed, from the possibility of building their own blockchain to a messaging service that involves direct, unmediated communication, which guarantees complete security of communications.
The practical applications of the platform’s utilities in the business area thus become endless. And not only that, but much more secure. The hybrid blockchain system developed by Sourceless is both public and private, allowing each user to leave only the data they really want to make public.

“All of the needs we’ve seen in Ethereum, plus life experiences, led to ‘that spark’: WHY and what could I change?
A turning point is the area of blockchain applied daily, whereby we try (and succeed) to ‘patch the loopholes of the web’.
Furthermore, we can create a small demonstrable infrastructure for all STR domains.
Precisely because these things need to become ownable, shareable, valuable and of course trustful.
People need to discuss in a secure online environment, with enormous permissiveness, but with ownership of their facts.
I consider that Sourceless can promise this. In fact, we’re at a point where I can say we’ve taken the plunge,” says Alexandru Stratulat.

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