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Sourceless Platform using

Sourceless Platform using is a registry for contact domains that uses SOURCELESS blockchain technology to secure and enhance the information flow in a way never seen before. Blockchain will help build trust between partners by ensuring the data...

Str.Domains – the access to the New Web

Str.Domains – the access to the New is the name of the new web which will be more decentralized, secure & stable than any of today's existing solutions (IPFS, Swarm etc.). takes the power back from centralized authorities, like ICANN and...

How to add a STR token to Trust Wallet

How to add a custom token (STR) to Trust WalletTo add a custom token to Trust Wallet, you need the token’s contract address. Sourceless STR Token: 0x30dcf96a8a0c742aa1f534fac79e99d320c97901 Trust Wallet allows you to add a custom token/crypto. You can do so by tapping...