We are excited to announce that Novaconta is now a Sourceless partner!

Our collaboration focuses on better visibility in the business area.
The team behind Novaconta.ro is made up of young entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in software, consulting and online commerce.
As a result of their personal experiences and needs, they developed an application that can be used by any business.

About Novaconta

The accounting application was originally designed and developed for internal use.

However, over time, more and more people wanted access to the benefits of the app, and the Novaconta team decided to develop it for all entrepreneurs right from the start.

The app is FREE and intends to stay that way. The team’s vision is that start-ups can grow without much hassle.

The app offers simplicity and is easy to access. Novaconta.ro offers the possibility to create the invoices in a cloud, being a secure and confidential platform.


The flexibility to access data from your phone, laptop, in your city or on a distant continent is why businesses are migrating to cloud solutions. Novaconta.co.uk even works in the Maldives!


The most sophisticated thing is to emphasize simplicity in a world where all our systems and tools are constantly evolving and coming with new functionalities. Novaconta.ro always gives you the easiest way to do any operation!


We, Sourceless, are building an open web for everyone, a web that enables every user to build their own blockchain ecosystem much faster, easier and more secure. Everyone will have their own digital universe, being integrated into all blockchain networks, at zero cost.

Together, using current technologies, we aim to evolve the web into a friendly environment.

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