the Gate to Cognitive Web

STR.domain is a unique digital identity to log into the Sourceless Platform. Each STR.domain owner will need to complete KYC and AML verification before obtaining full functionality of their domain. Based on KYC & AML protocols, all identities will be clear and certified, which means the system is 100% WHITE LABEL.

With the Sourceless Platform it is also possible to browse the current Web 2.0 (http://www) under Sourceless Blockchain protection. Here anyone can embed programs, applications and all kinds of data (used as public or private), all under blockchain protection. 







Do you want your own domain in the new Web?

Str.Domain is a Web Non-Fungible Token (WNFT)

WNFT is a Non-Fungible Token property in the SourceLess ecosystem, for any domain address that has the properties of an NFT, but alongside a web address. The private part of the Sourceless Blockchain provides restricted participation that is controlled via the WNFT Blockchain within a node, but provides full community access to all members. It also integrates many other technologies such as Codex from OpenAI, Formwelt into a WNFT to help everyone who owns an STR.domain to access them.

9 Steps to Reserve Your Str.Domain

Please read the steps and details in the form carefully.
We are not responsible for mistakes made in the process.

1. The name entered on the form must be your real and complete name.

2. You can own a domain only if you are registered on our website. Show us some love and support!

3. Use an email to which you have quick access, in case we want to contact you about your registration.

4. We want to know from what part of the planet our wonderful community is.

5. Be careful when choosing your domain. At the moment, the form is strictly for personal domains, so please enter only your full name. Let’s give everyone a chance.

Attention! For example, if you choose the domain Str.JohnWayne and another person has already registered it, then you will automatically receive the next in line Str.JohnWayne1(the next issue in the queue). So, get your domain as soon as possible!

We use USDT cryptocurrency for payment. Please enter the exact address of the wallet you used to execute the domain payment.

Be careful not to lose the wallet in which we send you the domain (WNFT type). So, enter your Polygon address carefully.

In order to authorize registration, you need to agree to our Terms of Service & Conditions.

Str.Domains – Auction

Pro-Bono, Business and Premium Str.Domains

*Academics Str.Domains cannot be reserved. These domains will only be used for Pro-Bono education purposes (schools, universities, etc.).

*Foundations Str.Domains cannot be reserved. These domains will only be used for Pro-Bono human benefits, including animals, nature, etc. (example IOHR Romania, our partner).

*We will soon announce the acquisition and registration of business domains (for example Str.YourBusinessName).

*Also, premium domains (e.g. Google, Nike, Starlink, etc.) will be auctioned.

Stay close for more updates.

Register Your Str.Domain

*enter your real name
*if you do not have an account, you can create one by visiting
*this email will be used strictly to contact you in case of registration problems
*the country where you live
*Choose a str.domain name you want.
Please write only the name of the domain, for example "John Wayne"
*please use the same USDT address you will use for the payment
*this address will be used to send you the str.domain (WNFT)

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding!